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Hi, welcome to the Latyn Lyngo testing family

Latyn Lyngo is a morpheme-based, building block style, vocabulary learning game.Using Latyn Lyngo, you can learn Greek and Latin morphemes quickly, add prefixes and suffixes and immediately have access to the meanings of thousands of English words. There are three learning tools- Root, Random or Nonsense Modes. In Root mode you learn by studying different roots, in Random mode you learn by seeing the Roots you have already studied, in Nonsense mode various morphemes drop into place which do not necessarily form any known word. You get to make it up! Word definitions are included to help you learn. Lists of other related words help enrich your understanding. And a short synonym test is available to help you seal that knowledge. This organic learning method is an effective and easy way to study vocabulary. Before you know it, words and their meanings will pop out at you! Reading will be easier and richer. You will relish deciphering new words.

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